About Us

Virginia | Washington, DC

Bohème is a startup in northern Virginia driven by travel, food, and technology. When the team was founded in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), we were unhappy with the current technology available to find Food Trucks, Farmers Markets, and anyone living the Bohemian life style. We knew where brick and mortar stores were but anything on the move was always a mystery.

Enter Bohème! Our goal is to help small mobile business owners obtain the same loyal fan base that big business in the area enjoy. Using our app, customers can quickly see what food trucks and mobile businesses are in the general vicinity. This allow customers to find their favorite mobile business or try new businesses they never knew existed.

We decided to start tracking mobile businesses first in the DMV and to spread to more cities in the future. The DMV is unique in it’s transient nature. Many people come through DC either for travel, tourism, or for job opportunities. Many DMV residents were not born here. They leave their homes, and friends and pursue the Bohème life and we are here to help them find what they crave!