Killer Tomato
September 4, 2017

This week we got a look at the fire breathing food truck, the Killer Tomato. It’s not just an 80’s movie anymore. You will surely know when there is a Killer Tomato truck around.

Killer Tomato Food Truck

Pizzas are a good size for one and range from $9 – $14. We stopped by and grabbed this pepperoni for lunch in Ballston, Virginia. Took about 5 minutes from order to getting a fresh pizza from the oven. The window included all the condiments (herbs, cheese, red pepper flakes).

Killer Tomato Pepperoni Pizza for $11 in Ballston VA

Killer Tomato Pepperoni Pizza for $11 in Ballston, VA

Lots of variety in the topping including the special of the day Brussels & Swine (Sprouts and Pancetta with balsamic). Take a look at the menu of the day below. Enough variety here to keep you coming back for a pizza every week.

Killer Tomato Menu with Daily Special

Killer Tomato Menu
for this particular day


Shut Your Pie Hole – $13.00
Fennel Sausage – $13.00
Cheese – $9.00
Margharita – $12.00
Pesto – $11.00
Chicken Pesto – $12.00
“Big Daddy” Roth – $12.00
Pepperoni – $11.00
Popeye – $14.00
White Pizza – $10.00
Cherry Bomb – $10.00
Pietaster – $14.00

The line was about 6 deep so I think it is fair to say Ballston was loving the Killer Tomato. It is hard to miss with the flame oven spitting out its pizza goodness. Let us know in the comments your favorite pizza pie from the Killer Tomato!

Killer Tomato Oven The Flame Spitting Monster

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