September 12, 2017

Last week we got to try Ricksha (Streetside Indian). Ricksha pulled up in northern Virginia and it was hard to miss with the standout art work. I was unfamiliar with the concept of streetside indian as most of the trucks do the traditional rice and curry bowls. The guys on the truck were great and took the time to explain the menu.

Ricksha Food Trucks

We’ll look at one of their items here below. We tried two kati rolls with chicken tikka. So what is a kati roll? It is essentially a roti (flaky buttery indian flat bread) rolled around your filling, in this case Chicken Tikka. They also added a fried egg on the bread and what is probably best described as a cilantro citrus aioli. All that said, it was delicious and unlike anything I’ve had out of the Ballston area. It is a nice side benefit that it can be hand held. No need for bowls or forks when walking down the road. As they told me, one is great for a snack and two for a meal. You can see the photos below for size and look.

We also grabbed a mango lassi for only $3 which makes it a pretty easy extra add-on.

Ricksha Kati Rolls Ricksha Kati Rolls

Ricksha Food – Kati Rolls – Chicken Tikka

You can view the menu below. As you can see you can get the more traditional rice dish but we’d suggest trying at least 1 kati roll. I hope more trucks pick up on the handheld concept for the times when we want a midday snack and not a large meal. Prices for lunch run from about $6-$11. Can’t wait for Ricksha to be back! If you have never tried them out look for them in the Bohème app 

Ricksha Menu
for this particular day

Kati Rolls Chicken Tikka – 1 roll $6.00 – 2 rolls $11.00
Katti Rolls Aloo (Potato) Masala (Vegetarian) – 1 roll $5.00 – 2 rolls $9.00
Samosa Chaat – $8.00
Chicken Over Rice – $9.00
Samosas – 1 pcs $3.00 – 2 pcs $5.00
Mango Lassi – $3.00
Bottled Water – $1.00
Soda – $1.00



Find the Ricksha food truck’s daily location in the Bohème App on Google Play.